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Iryna Stepanko - Co-Founder Let's Build Ukraine

Iryna Stepanko

Co-Founder / Kyiv, Ukraine

"On February 24th, like millions of other Ukrainians, I with my family left our beloved Kyiv to seek shelter from the war. But after living as refugees for two months, we realized that our life & our future will always be in Ukraine. Now I am back home and am proud to launch this project to give hope to our children that we can build a better future together!
I encourage you to support our project and would love to hear from you!"

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Ahsan Rahi - Co-Founder Let's Build Ukraine

Ahsan Rahi

Co-Founder / Houston, Texas, USA

"LEGO connects us emotionally to our childhood, so it's the ideal creative medium to express support for Ukraine's children and the aspiration to build a better future together. I hope you'll display these models as a tangible symbol of your support."

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Christian Rau

Designer / Germany

"I think LEGO models are a great way to engage with cultural heritage and raise awareness for its endangerment. Combining this with a charitable cause makes me proud to contribute to this project."

Oksana Vasylyuk - Marketing Let's Build Ukriaine Inc

Oksana Vasylyuk

Marketing / Ukraine

" As a mom of two little angels and a proud Ukrainian I am happy to be helpful for the children of my country during these hard times. I like to be a part of this project because it is all about kids: by returning childhood memories of your favorite LEGO toys you are helping the children of Ukraine."

Samir Rahi - Strategy and Planning Let's Build Ukraine Inc

Samir Rahi

Strategy & Planning / Houston, Texas, USA

"LEGO connects us back to the sense of wonder we had as children, and in doing so unites people of all ages in a common journey of creativity and exploration.

Being a part of this project allows me to use this powerful force behind LEGO’s appeal to support children, who inspire us all to wonder and imagine."


Illia Bohynia

Designer / Ukraine

"Today, during war, no person can or should be on the sidelines. Someone helps with money, someone with ideas... If my models find a response and give an opportunity to raise money for our common cause - I will be just happy."


Caleb Shields

Designer / United States of America

"I decided to join this project to help raise funds and bring great LEGO MOCs to this charity so that those in Ukraine receive the aid they need and shed some light onto what a beautiful country Ukraine is and its culture."


Viktoriya Matyuhina

Social Media / Kyiv, Ukraine

"For me, being part of the Let's Build Ukraine team is to be able to do whatever I can to help my country.

By supporting this project, you support Ukrainian children affected by the war and the whole country in its most difficult period. Thanks!"



Designer / Ukraine

" LEGO is my passion. I am very happy to help our country with my LEGO designs."