for the kids in Ukraine, and the kid in you®

Exclusive custom-designed sets of Ukraine using original LEGO® bricks. All money collected goes to organizations in Ukraine that are providing first-line care to our children

  • Why We Do This

    Children need to feel loved and cared for by the people they see every day. All our energies go to support the people on the front lines in Ukraine who are the first ones to receive & shelter the children escaping bombings

  • How We're Doing It

    100% of your money goes directly to front-line workers & organizations caring for the children in Ukraine, including hospitals that provide urgent medical care. Only the cost of LEGO bricks & shipping is taken out; everything else is paid for & managed by our founders, benefactors & volunteers

  • What We Do

    Our exceptional artists & designers have created original LEGO models of Ukrainian monuments, buildings, and other cultural symbols. We source the LEGO parts internationally, and then our volunteers in Kyiv manually package each set that is mailed to you. We hope you will proudly display these models in your office or home as a real symbol of your support for Ukraine, Дякую!

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