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Let's Build Ukraine, Inc.

Independence Monument

Independence Monument

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Build the ultimate symbol of Ukrainian democracy: the Independence Monument. 

At 61m high, it is the tallest monument in the country. Our model is over 39cm in height with a petite 10cm x 10cm base - it will look great towering over everything else on your desk as a symbol of your support for our cause!

The triumphal white column stands on a pedestal in the form of a Christian temple in the  Ukrainian Baroque style, and is topped with the figure of Beregynya holding the guelder rose branch above her head.

The Monument was originally built in 2001 to honour the tenth anniversary of Ukraine's independence from the former Soviet Union. Located in the heart of Kyiv ("Maidan"), it was the epicentre of the historic Orange Revolution in 2004/05 & the Revolution of Dignity in 2013/14.  

The Independence Monument is the architectural embodiment of the freedom of the entire Ukrainian nation.


We use only authentic LEGO bricks & parts for all our sets. Most bricks are new, but some may be responsibly sourced and gently used. Any used bricks have been professionally inspected and cleaned by our suppliers.

Thank you for supporting this amazing cause!

Shipping & Returns

Your set will be shipped directly from Kyiv, Ukraine! Due to the ongoing war, deliveries are expected to take approximately 14-21 days.
We do not do delivery to Russia and Belarus.


Height of the model (cm): 39.1
Length of the base (cm): 9.6
Width of the base (cm): 9.6
Number of bricks: 355

Warning! Choking hazard. Contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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