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Let's Build Ukraine, Inc.

Mariupol Drama Theatre

Mariupol Drama Theatre

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Rebuild this Ukrainian centre of culture and art which finally served as a shelter for hundreds of women, children, and families during the Russian invasion.

Mariupol Drama Theatre (Donetsk Academic Regional Drama Theatre) was constructed in 1960 and located on the Theatre Square of Mariupol, UKraine. During the Russian attack on Mariupol, the theatre was used as a shelter for families. In front of and behind the theatre were large inscriptions drawn on the ground of "ДЕТИ" ("Children") for aviation pilots, but this did not stop the invaders. 

On March 16, the Russians dropped a powerful bomb on the Mariupol Drama Theatre. The building was destroyed and more than 600 human lives were lost. 

Our set is a small tribute to those that perished that day, and the ones who miraculously survived. Ukraine will not forget.


We use only authentic LEGO bricks & parts for all our sets. Most bricks are new, but some may be responsibly sourced and gently used. Any used bricks have been professionally inspected and cleaned by our suppliers.

Thank you for supporting this amazing cause!

Shipping & Returns

Your set will be shipped directly from Kyiv, Ukraine! Due to the ongoing war, deliveries are expected to take approximately 14-21 days.
We do not do delivery to Russia and Belarus.


Height of the model (cm): 4.8
Length of the base (cm): 16
Width of the base (cm): 6.4
Number of bricks: 252

Warning! Choking hazard. Contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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